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The International Sailing Week international originates from the “Centenary Regatta”, which took place in 1981 when the Academy celebrated its first century of existence. The first edition, born from the collaboration between the Naval Academy and three city circles (Sailing Nautical Club Livorno, Sailing Club Antignano and Yacht Club Livorno) was limited to only three classes (IMS, J24, 2.4) and was attended by 20 boats. Year after year the event has grown and in the 2017 edition it has involved eight sailing clubs in Livorno, over 500 racers, 120 boats, 9 classes of regattas and 17 participating countries. The 2018 edition saw the participation of about 1000 racers, 9 sailing clubs for a total of 606 boats and 23 participating countries. During the 2018 edition, the new nautical base was inaugurated; over 400 small sailors have coloured the area between the Rock of the Queen and the Benetti shipyard, where the project of a stopover for the slipway and the launching of sailing boats has been realized, and thus making possible the carrying out of sporting events related to the world of sailing. The project has seen in addition to the joint commitment of the municipality and the authority port system of the northern Tyrrhenian Sea, the agreement of the Livorno Sailing Centre and the CONI Vela section.