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Centro Surf 3 Ponti Livorno



Punto Blu spiaggia 3 Ponti
Viale di Antignano
57128 – Livorno
David Gabriellini:  339 5256730
Dario Guarducci:  338 9142827

The Centro Surf 3 Ponti Livorno, that  carries out activities from 2002, has a resume important regarding events relating to various disciplines Techno 293, Slalom.

Its components were in 2009 promoters and founders of Open class Bic bringing to TAN competition the first race in  Italian circuit while in competitive field it was awarded in 2014/2015 as Italian circle with more young people practicing the discipline of windsurfing slalom bringing their athletes on the podiums of various categories.

President, David Gabbriellini
Vice President,  Dario Guarducci

FIV sailing school
Nautical base: blue point “3 Ponti” beach