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Circolo Nautico Livorno



Porticciolo Nazario Sauro
Viale Italia
57100 – Livorno
Tel./Fax 0586.807354
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After the war, in order to cultivate their favorite sport, a group of sailing enthusiasts founded the sailing club Livorno and chose as the seat the then renowned Scoglio della Regina bathhouse. After the affiliation to the U.S.V.I. (Worldwide Sailing Company Union), today F.I.V. (Federazione Italiana Vela- Italian Sailing Federation), members began to participate in various races and Championships with wooden boats, often built by themselves. After a few years the company was transferred within the Nazario Sauro little harbour where it still resides and, on that occasion, it was decided to change the name to “Circolo Nautico Livorno”, so as to allow admission to members even to sympathizers and their nautical crafts.

Thanks to the sailing school and the continuing competitive activity, over the years the Club has achieved important successes by enabling many athletes to get accolades both nationally and internationally. For the contribution to growth and affirmation of the Italian sport, in 1982 at the company, was awarded the Silver Star for sporting merit CONI and in 2010 the gold star for sporting merit.

The boat Club Livorno includes an organized sailing school offering courses, split on various levels and for all ages (adults and children), which are divided mainly in: initiation, continuation, highly specialized, high ground/Cruise (sailing) and deep specialization. The fleet, composed of various types of boats (class dinghies Marta, 420, 470, Laser, offshore boats, and other types of hulls) is able to satisfy any type of requirement, allowing even more advanced courses students a wide and comprehensive training. The annual competition is wide and varied and includes various classes: Optimist, Laser, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7 men’s “male and female, 420, 470 and Altura.

Board Of Directors

  • Giancarlo Carrai, Honorary Chairman
  • Franco Galigani, President
  • Giuseppe Guarneri, Vice President
  • Mauro Meini, Secretary
  • Piero Starita, Treasurer
  • Marcello Turchi, Club Director
  • Vasco Biondi, location manager and Piazzale
  • Giancarlo Rossi, Director Moorings Nazario Sauro
  • Fabio Battagella, Director Moorings Medicean Wharf
  • Marco Pakhare, public relations/Altura

Sailing instructors

  • Blessed Danti
  • Gianni Galli
  • Technical Staff
  • Angelo Galea
  • Blessed Danti
  • Cesar Castro
  • Gianni Galli
  • Alexander Soak Them
  • Leonardo Barcali
  • Mario Maffei
  • Ubaldo Rondina
  • Philip Buti

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