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SVI Village

On April 20th at 5:00 PM, at the “Officine Storiche di Porta a Mare,” the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the 2024 International Sailing Week (SVI) will take place, with an exceptional ceremony that will surely amaze all participants.

Following the successes achieved in 2023, the SVI staff has worked to make the event even more accessible, introducing many innovations for the benefit of all participants.

With the primary goal of bringing citizens closer to the world of sailing, this year the Sports Village will be located right at the “Officine Storiche di Porta a Mare,” the new shopping center just steps from the harbor. This choice, strongly desired by all the organizing partners, will allow greater accessibility to all events and a high quality of services related to the event.

Building on the experience of previous years, for this current edition, the Naval Academy aims to increase the number of participants and further give voice to the world of sailing by expanding the range of racing classes. Additionally, thanks to an increasingly close collaboration with the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) and the Italian Offshore Sailing Union (UVAI), eight competitions valid for the national championships have been scheduled.

Another aim during this great sailing celebration is to alternate moments of competition, essential during the regattas, with other periods dedicated to jovial camaraderie among the crews.

For 2024, the Village has expanded its recreational and educational offerings, hosting digital simulators and informational stands both outdoors and indoors, providing opportunities to engage in basketball and rowing challenges, in an attempt to further amplify the passion for water and sports in general.

Of significant importance, from April 20th to 28th, the interactive Boat Show of Vintage Sails of the Italian Navy will take place at the Mediceo Pier immediately adjacent to the “Officine Storiche di Porta a Mare.” On this occasion, sea lovers and shoppers alike can enjoy the exhibition of retro sails from unusual perspectives.

Every moment of the day will be harmonized with informative, playful, and educational entertainment for sailors, visitors, students, and all those who intend to indulge in a moment of relaxation in the commercial area.

Within the Sports Village, the “Press Room” will also be set up, offering exclusive content and constant updates on race results.

Also this year, the highly anticipated “The Sea and the Sails” competition will take place, where students will engage in graphic and pictorial works representing the theme “Blue Planet, the vastness of the ocean supports us, cradles us: from biodiversity, to culture, to the economy, to life.” The competition is promoted by the “Il Tirreno” newspaper of Livorno, aimed at students in the fifth elementary classes and lower and upper secondary schools (lower and upper middle schools) throughout Tuscany.

We look forward to seeing you in large numbers at “Porta a Mare”!